Gameplan Gurus!… All the In’s and Out’s of Your Upcoming Gameplan Training!

Welcome to our fast track Gameplan training group!!  You are in for a fantastic ride with Sarah Harnish and the amazing training that she shares with all Young Living team members, whether on her team or not!  That is one of the fantastic things that I LOVE about YL… people all across the world work together to help people make meaningful changes in their lives that improve their wellness, purpose, and/or abundance!!!  We are not just a team, we are a Young Living family!!

So…. how will this work?  You probably already have your book and workbook.  BUT… if you have not gotten yours yet, don’t quit on me already!  One of the many awesome things about this training is that there is a video to go with every chapter, so as long as you watch the video, you will not fall far behind.  We NEED to make sure you get your book/workbook ASAP, though, as they are important resources that you will want to keep handy throughout your YL journey!!  I purchase the book/workbook sets in bulk so that we can offer them to you for only $20 (versus the $37 or so that you will pay on Amazon for the two), so let me know if you need a set.

This plan is set up to be super easy to follow.  Each day, Monday through Friday, will have a chapter assigned to it.  For each chapter there is a section in the book, a section in the workbook (your homework), and a video to watch.  The first few videos are a bit long, but they get shorter as we get further in.  Sarah is super fun to watch and before long you will feel like she is a friend that you just haven’t actually met yet 🙂  NOTE:  The videos are an amazing and valuable resource, but if you find yourself getting behind… this is what you can skip to stay caught up.  I definitely encourage you to go back and watch them as you are able, though.  You actually have until Sunday night each week to get all your homework sent so that you receive an “all caught up prize” from your Gameplan Guru leader each week!  (This is explained more later… keep reading!)

Each Monday evening at 8:00 pm CST, we gather via the Zoom app (a video conferencing app) to learn some great additional tips, receive encouragement, get to know other Gameplanners, and yes, I like to give things away, so it is likely that those who join the Zoom will get to have a chance to win extra awesome prizes just for being on 🙂 These gatherings last only 40 minutes and are an important part of the Gameplan training!  Please make sure to join us each week if at all possible.  (The app can be used from your computer or mobile device.)

I have chosen to use a blog site so that each day’s posts stay organized rather than getting all mixed up each time someone comments as they would on Facebook.  The posts for ALL 25 chapters are ready and waiting for you!  The training is set up so that you complete one chapter per day, Monday through Friday, for five weeks, however… I know that most of us have more time some days and zero time on others.  With all the chapters posted ahead, you are able to work ahead when your schedule allows!!

However, this is not set up this way so that you can spread it out and take “as long as you want” to complete.  It really is IMPORTANT that you do your very best to complete the training within the 5 week timeframe!  To help you with this, your Gameplan Guru leader will be providing an “all caught up prize” for you every week as long as you have the 5 chapters assigned that week done by the following Sunday night.  For example, if you started the training on Monday, September 4… your first week’s assignments would be for September 4-8, but you have until midnight of Sunday, September 10 to post your assignments to earn your prize!!  🙂

I REALLY want lots of interaction with this as I KNOW that will make this training even more beneficial to all who are participating, so please comment on each other’s posts with ideas and questions.  Our Gameplan Gurus (those who have already completed the entire training… that will be you 5 weeks from now!!!), will also be commenting and posting.

You will also be added to the Facebook group, Gameplan Gurus!, so please be sure to mark it as a favorite and turn on notifications for it so that you don’t miss any important updates and notifications!!

We are so looking forward to spending the next 5 weeks with you virtually as you learn YL inside and out so that we can not only change our own lives, but the lives  of those around us, and oh!  Did I mention changing lives throughout the world?!

Here’s your warm up assignment!  Comment below with your name, where you are from, and how long you have been with Young Living.

This is the website that contains all of the links to the videos and some other cool stuff.  I will post the direct links to each video for each day also.  Gameplan Videos

Gameplan Gurus!…Day 1/Chapter 1: Why Launch a Young Living Business?

The better question is… “Why in the world would you NOT launch a Young Living business?”  You are about to discover benefits to this business that you had no idea existed!!  And there are so many more that aren’t even mentioned!  A whole book could be written just on this topic 🙂

So here is your action plan for today:

  1. Read Chapter 1 in your book.

2. Complete Chapter 1 in your workbook.

3. Watch this video, Day 1 Gameplan Video ,  (if you are still waiting on books, no worries… you will still be able to complete the homework and can add extra detail if you’d like once you read the chapter!).  This video is about an hour long but will really get you started on the right foot!

4. Comment on this post with your favorite 3 reasons (10 would be a lot of typing and everyone would have the same answers.  I want to know the 3 that most motivate YOU!) for launching a YL business and the answers to the rest of the questions below.

For those who do not yet have their workbook…

*List at least 10 reasons why it’s smart to launch a YL business:

*Write down a few goals based on the income disclosure guide (you may have to wait on this if you don’t have the book yet, but if you have the mini book, it is in there also).

I want to make _____________________ rank by __________________________________, 20____.

I will have an average income of $_________________ a month.

When I attain that rank, I can (list at least 3 things):

What would you do with a Royal Crown Diamond MONTHLY income of $241,324?Write down 3 things that would be on your ultimate bucket list:

*Write your “why”!  Sarah explains that her “why” has changed dramatically.  When she started it was simply to get the oils in her home since she couldn’t afford to buy all the ones she wanted.  Now many more dreams are attached to her why.  What is YOUR reason for having a YL business?  What are your dreams?  What do you want out of this journey?

NOTE:  If you ever feel that the homework includes personal information that you would rather not share with everyone, you can just comment that you messaged your homework to your Gameplan Guru leader instead for that Chapter.  Be sure to comment on the blog page to let me know, though, as that is how I will track who completed all the homework by Sunday evening for each week.

See you tomorrow (virtually, of course)!!

Gameplan Gurus!…Day 2/Chapter 2: Sarah’s Story

Grab your tissues for this one!!  You think I’m joking, but some people have shared that the video for Chapter 2 has brought them to tears!  Wait until you hear about this ordinary person named Sarah Harnish who faced struggles beyond those of the average person yet has become an extraordinary success in YL through it all and wants nothing more than to help you do exactly the same!!

Here are your action steps for today:

  1. Read Chapter 2 in your book.
  2. Complete Chapter 2 in your workbook.
  3. Watch this video, Day 2 Gameplan Video.
  4. Comment on this post with “Your Story”.  This gets tricky for some people as they feel that they just don’t have a “Sarah Story”.  Guess what?!  You aren’t supposed to!  You aren’t Sarah!  Think about your all time favorite thing about YL.  That can be the base for your story!  This tells you what you are most passionate about and how YL has impacted you in relation to that passion.  Why did you ever start with Young Living to begin with?  That will probably be part of your story too!  What made you realize that sharing YL with others is important?  If you are just getting started with YL, just tell the story that led you here.  Let your passion shine through so that when you share your story people know you are authentic and will relate to you.  They will know that you are a regular person, just like them, with a desire to… well, I can’t answer that for you… after all, this is YOUR story!!

You will find my story in the “About” section of this blog if you’d like to check it out.  You will find that I too am just an ordinary person with an extraordinary plan to make a difference in the lives of so many through helping them find more wellness, purpose, and abundance!!

Gameplan Gurus!…Day 3/Chapter 3: A Young Living Quick-Start Training Guide

Ready to really get to it?  Then this is the chapter for you!!  The chapter is short, the homework is simple and fun.  Let’s rock this!!!

Here are your action steps for today:

  1. Read Chapter 3 in your book.
  2. Complete Chapter 3 in your workbook.
  3. Watch this video, Day 3 Gameplan Video
  4. Comment on this post with at least three things you learned from the 101 Script that you did not know before you read it for the first time.  Even I, who had taught MANY Intro to Oils classes prior to reading this book, learned so much from it.  I LOVE this script and use it every time I have a class now!  I read it straight from the book at first.  Now I use copies of the Powerpoint slides,  101 Powerpoint , and show them as I go over the information.  It is beyond simple!!  Want a sneak peek?  Read the closing scripts on page 231 and 233 also!  Boom!  The bold close… wow!  You will definitely learn a lot from that one!
  5. PRACTICE!  I know it seems goofy to practice in front of no one, but it definitely helps.  Just pretend you are a teenage girt and put a phone/tablet in front of you and talk to it.  My girls regularly record themselves talking about, well… pretty much nothing and everything- lol!!  THEN it gets fun!  Truly take the step of inviting some friends over for a practice run.  They will be soooo glad that you shared this with them!  This is stuff EVERYONE NEEDS to know!
  6. Schedule classes for August and let’s do this!!
  7. SUPER FUN assignment!!  This is an awesome family project that you could do this weekend 🙂  My husband helped me with my initial one, and I am planning to include my kids in round 2.  Create a vision board that represents your goals and dreams, especially those you will achieve within the next year!  Somehow incorporate your “why” onto it also!  If you don’t have old magazines to cut up, google images is super helpful 🙂

Gameplan Gurus!…Day 4/Chapter 4: Avoiding Pitfalls: The Six Mistakes Every Stagnant Business Builder Makes

Talk about some useful advice!  For those who have been doing this awhile… If you are like me it is likely that you will read this chapter and feel like Sarah wrote some of these with you in mind.  For those of you just getting started… Woo Hoo!!  You get to be aware of and avoid these pitfalls right from the start!!  But how do you avoid them?  That’s your homework for today 🙂 .

Here are your action steps for today:

  1. Read Chapter 4 in your book.
  2. Complete Chapter 4 in your workbook.
  3. Watch this video, Day 4 Gameplan Video .
  4. Comment on this post with the pitfalls that you feel are most likely to apply to you.  For some of you this may only be one, for some it may be four.  Write out your plan/s to avoid them.  Pitfall 2 and 3 reference chapter 8 and pitfall 6 references chapter 23.  Feel free to skip ahead for ideas that you can use.

Have a thankful day, my friends!!  Gratitude is an amazing thing 🙂

In fact… I LOVE gratitude so much that I want to include a fun extra activity!!  Part of a sermon I heard included a quote (Sorry, I can’t remember who the quote came from or even exactly how it goes) about how when people fall into complete despair, are feeling hopeless, or are just deep down in the dumps, making a list of things they are grateful for and reading it regularly can make a huge difference!  Okay… that is totally my version of it, and I would add that you should continuously add to that list as you think of things!  As I told my children the other day… No matter what is going on or how frustrated we may get with a situation, we still have been given about a million blessings to be grateful for!  We need to keep our focus on these.  SO… that’s the long way of saying that as a fun bonus assignment today, begin your grateful list.  In your comment, include this fun activity.  Spell out your first, middle, and last name with one thing you are grateful for attached to each letter 🙂  For example… Mine would be (KRISHNA) Kids, Rainbows, Ideas, Struggles (I can explain this one if you ask), Husband, Neighbors, All of you… (MARIE) Mom, Authentic people, Random acts of kindness, Inner strength, Enthusiasm… (BATTISTA) Bedtime, Assets, Trusting relationships, Thankfulness, Indoor areas (when hot or cold), Silliness, Trainings, Attainment of the goals of my team members.  Simple, right?  LOL.  Just have fun with it!

Gameplan Gurus!…Day 5/Chapter 5: Overcoming Excuses and Finding your Niche

I’m sure you have all heard excuses from people that caused you to think… “Oh come on.  Seriously?”  Well, in this chapter Sarah will tell you that all your excuses for not considering yourself capable of being successful at YL are lame… in the kindest, sweetest way of course.  We sabotage ourselves all the time with negative mindsets and the excuses we allow ourselves to use to justify these mindsets.  I am here to tell you that you ARE perfectly capable of being a YL success story!!  I know without a doubt because I had the huge privilege of joining Angela in going to our farm in Ecuador for the Platinum Retreat where I met TONS of people who had achieved the rank of Platinum (including Sarah Harnish herself) and guess what?!  They were regular people (making an average MONTHLY income of $14,710) from all different walks of life who came from all kinds of different places and had a whole variety of personalities!!  It is easy to talk ourselves back into our comfort zone, my friends but DON’T DO IT!!  Remember that the only way to fail at this is to quit!  In Sarah Robbins’ book “Rock Your Network Marketing Business” (available for $12 on Amazon: Rock Your Network Marketing Business Book), she offers a statistic that changed my life… 98% of those who continue to actively work at their network marketing business for 10 years WILL make it to the TOP rank of their company!!  Those are pretty great odds and in our company that would mean Royal Crown Diamond which means an average MONTHLY income of $144,985.  I don’t think anyone could say that it would not be worth 10 years of effort to achieve that rank!

You will also find in this chapter that the reason ANYONE who truly has the desire and is willing to act on those desires CAN succeed because there are many different ways to grow your team.  If one is not your way, try another!  I suggest that we all try a variety to find what works best for us.  So… Are YOU ready to rock YOUR network marketing business with Young Living?!!  (P.S.  I was ordering from a friend’s online party awhile ago and came across that company’s income disclosure sheet.  That led to me looking up many other network marketing companies’ income disclosure sheets… yes, I do get sidetracked sometimes… I couldn’t find a single one that came even close to the income potential of YL!)

Action steps for today:

  1. Read Chapter 5 in your book.
  2. Complete Chapter 5 in your workbook.
  3. Watch this video, Day 5 Gameplan Video .
  4. Comment below with the excuses from this chapter that you have felt fit you as you have considered or have been building your YL business.  I have changed my mindset so that my excuses that would previously have caused me to consider quitting are now seen as obstacles that I need to find a way to overcome.  How will you overcome your obstacles?

Also include in your comment a list of all the ways that you would like to try out as you build your YL business.  There are 9 ideas in the workbook to choose from and I’m sure you creative people could come up with even more!

It’s an amazing day everyone!!  Woo Hoo!  Enjoy your weekend (which for some of you will include a Gameplan binge 😉)!

Remember that you want to have the first five chapters complete by the end of this first weekend in order to earn your “all caught up” prize from your Gameplan Guru leader!!

Gameplan Gurus!…Day 6/Chapter 6: Your Greatest Tool: A Detailed Tour of the Young Living Virtual Office

Okay my friends… so this is more of the “technical” part of this business stuff.  Some of you green personality types will oooh and aaah over this chapter, while the rest of us wonder if we really need to know all this stuff.  I can honestly say… you really do want to know this stuff!  At least the basic definitions and strategy to grow your team.  DON’T screech to a halt, however, if some of this is confusing.  It comes with time and I LOVE to answer questions to help it become more clear.  The videos and resources she refers to in your homework are great if you have some extra time to play around in the Virtual Office but if not, I am actually going to send you to another website that is not mentioned in her book because it is only available to our team through our Royal Crown Diamonds, Scott and Brenda Schuler, (see homework below).

  1. Read Chapter 6 in your book.
  2. Complete Chapter 6 in your workbook.
  3. Watch this video, Day 6 Gameplan Video .
  4. Go into your Virtual Office and click on all of the tabs and links on the sidebar to familiarize yourself with what is available to you.  Comment here with two things that you find that you did not know were available to you there.  If you have been doing this awhile and truly cannot find anything you haven’t already found… just comment with your top 2 most useful parts of the Virtual Office.
  5. Go to the Vital 180 Website and get registered (if you haven’t already)!!!  You will need the member number of your mentor.  You are welcome to use mine which is 1525332, but you can use your Gameplan Guru leader’s number instead if you get it from them.  Once you are logged in, feel free to click around to see the TONS of amazing stuff available through this site!  But again… if you don’t have a lot of free time to play, stick to the tab “B2NL” which stands for Build to the Next Level.  Here there are trainings with links to resources, videos, and documents that will give you soooo much great information (even better than the “getting started” tab in your VO).  Complete the Getting Started and Star trainings and message your certificates of completion to your Gameplan Guru leader.  (If you have already done this training, complete the next level of training that you have not yet.  If you have completed all the levels available to you, look back through the training for the level you are currently working toward.)  COMMENT below with your top 3 favorite parts of the training that you completed and any questions that you thought of during the training.

Have a magnificent day everyone and have a blast checking out all that is available to you through your VO and Vital180!!  We have so many amazing resources just waiting for us to use them 🙂

Gameplan Gurus!…Day 7/Chapter 7: Young Living Marketing 101: How to Share the Oils

Almost ALL of you mentioned the “selling” problem as an issue for you in previous comments.  Well, here is your chapter my friends!!  The first sentence in this chapter is… “I used to think that I could never do network marketing because I’d come off as salesy to my friends.”  You are going to LOVE this chapter!  It will help you realize that Young Living is not like other companies.  You truly NEVER have to “sell” our products.  Our business is all about helping people… recognizing their needs and providing answers for them.  Who doesn’t want to legitimately help people who want help?!

  1. Read Chapter 7 in your book.
  2. Complete Chapter 7 in your workbook  (Chapter 7 and 8 seem to cross together in the workbook assignment, so you will want to read both before doing this one).
  3. Watch this video, Day 7 Gameplan Video.
  4. Okay… so there is quite a bit in the workbook portion for this chapter (and you should definitely watch the video prior to completing the workbook).  So… I am NOT going to ask you to re-type everything that you will already have done in your workbook here.  I AM going to ask you to
    1. Share at least one negative thing you used to think or at least didn’t feel you could really argue if someone said it about network marketing.  How would you respond to that now?
    2. Set up a “practice” private FB event and invite only your Gameplan Guru leader (but with a plan to follow through on the rest of the steps and make it live once we have looked it over).
    3. Make your list of people and include the number of people you added to your list in your homework comment.  Vital180 provides an awesome tool to help you with this!!!  100 List… Taking the First Steps  Eric Worre has another great one!  Eric Worre Memory Jogger and Recruiting Script   Send a picture/s of your list to your Gameplan Guru leader.  Remember… there is NO ONE who should not be given the opportunity to hear about YL and be given the chance to make an educated decision about their own health and wealth!!

Have a terrific day everyone!

Gameplan Gurus!…Day 8/Chapter 8: The Oilability Marketing System: How to Fill Classes Without Knowing People

Chapter 7 and 8 really blend into each other from the homework perspective.  Much of the workbook assignments from Chapter 7 coincide with what is covered here.  This is KEY information, though, because now we are getting at the heart of growing your business… actually sharing information with people!!

  1. Read Chapter 8 in your book.
  2. Complete Chapter 8 in your workbook.
  3. Watch this video, Day 8 Gameplan Video .
  4. Comment with your paragraph that will get someone who has never heard of essential oils into a seat in your 101 class (you may like the one you used for your “practice” FB event from Chapter 7 or be able to adapt that one for this homework).  Also… comment with things that you have learned about marketing your classes that you did not know previously.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Gameplan gurus!…Day 9/Chapter 9: Anatomy of a Successful Class

So… you marketed in all the right ways and woo hoo!  People are coming to your class!!  How exciting!!  But now… what should that class look like?  How does this class thing really work?  Although classes will look a bit different for each of us depending on our personality and style, there are key components that are beneficial to include in every class.  That’s what we will dig into today!

  1. Read Chapter 9 in your book.
  2. Complete Chapter 9 in your workbook.
  3. Watch this video, Day 9 Gameplan Video .
  4. Let’s keep today simple.  Share your top 3 takeaways from this chapter in the comments.  You already wrote your story in Chapter 2, so review it and see if there is anything you’d change, add, or subtract if you were using it as your intro at a class (you do not need to post this in the comments).  Honestly, I highly recommend using one of Sarah’s (or a version with slight adaptations) for your close, but you are certainly welcome to write your own if you’d like (you do not need to type it in the comments either).

Have a therapeutic day everyone!  Use some oils and take a deep breath.  Try to fit some “me time” in or at least plan some for this weekend!!  Oh, and schedule some classes too 😉