Day 25/Chapter 25: Cheat Sheet to go from Starter Kit to Silverpersonal and business growth a priority for the last 5 weeks (

Can you believe that this is it!!  YOU have completed the Gameplan Boot Camp!!!  Now… The question is… What will you do with all this amazing knowledge?!  Will you use it to take action and make a difference in your future and the future of many others?  YES!!  That is exactly what you will do!  Because you have a team of leaders who are excited to come alongside you to help you make your dreams and goals a reality!  Leaders who look forward to leading with you as you move forward in helping and encouraging team members of your own!!  This journey has only just begun (no matter how long you have been with YL) as our future starts with today!!

THANK YOU!  I am sincerely so beyond proud of all of you who stepped up to make personal growth and business growth a priority for the last 5 weeks (and the next 5 weeks and beyond into the future😉)!  Congratulations!!

Here is your homework for today:

  1.  Read Chapter 25 AND all the appendixes in your book/workbook.
  2. Do the assignment from Chapter 25 in your workbook, create your portable office. BONUS!!!  If you send me a picture of your portable office items you will been termed into a bonus drawing on Monday evening!
  3. Watch this video if/when you have time, Gameplan video links.  Sorry… For some reason it won’t let me get to the Chapter 25 video specifically, but you can link to it from the site above.
  4. Priority assignment!!!  Tell me how myself and our leadership team can help you achieve your goals!!!  What would help you the most?  Also… Give three options for dates/times that we can chat one on one about moving forward and what that looks like for you specifically. AND… Tell me who your 1 or more people will be who will be joining our next Gameplan Boot Camp that begins on June 26!  If you are not sure yet… Think about people who work in schools and may have a little more free time during the summer😃

I love you all and am so very grateful to have gotten to know each one of you better through this training!!

I will post again later but look forward to seeing you all for our Grand Finale Zoom at 8 pm central time on Monday evening!!

Day 24/Chapter 24: Encouragement for the Climb

Okay… I have to sidetrack a tiny bit… Did you all see the new products that were released last night!!!  Holy moly!!!!  I am sooooo excited!  This is all stuff that you and your team members are going to love!!!  Sunscreen, insect repellent, and the most amazing new and improved Lavaderm… Oh, my!  MAKE UP!!  Finally!  And my hubby will be taking up even more of my ER order with the new muscle recovery product… Aminowise!  And if you are looking for a business booster… They totally redid the websites and they look awesome!  Check it out at You can also get to it under “My account” in your VO.

Alright… Back on track.  Big take away from this chapter… DON’T COMPARE!!  You are awesome!!  I know you are and you need to know you are!  It’s hard sometimes… I get it. Lots of people have gone all the way to the top of the company in less time than I have been in YL, but I am not them.  As much as I would LOVE to be meeting even more people and helping change even more lives, this needs to be my pace right now. Not forever, but for now.  Each of you will move forward the way you choose and that is great!  Some of you are content to take it slow and have goals that get you where you want to end up but not for awhile. Others of you are ready and willing to put the work necessary into changing your state of financial wellness as fast as you can.  There isn’t a wrong way as long as you are doing what it takes to accomplish the goals you have in the time that you want to achieve them.

What I DON’T want to see for any of you is giving up because you aren’t getting there fast enough.  You all know this far into the training how to overcome that problem should it arise. Make changes to your strategies, plan for countering pitfalls, and eliminate the excuses😀  Here’s the homework for today:

1. Read chapter 24.

2. Complete chapter 24 in the workbook.

3. Watch today’s video, Gameplan video 24 .

4. I LOVE the assignment on page 82 in the workbook, so please comment with your perfect day scenario and the date of your next class.

Have an amazing Thursday!! I can’t wait to get back to share soooo much wonderful information with you!!

Day 23/Chapter 23: Avoiding Distractions

Distractions!!  We all have them and we ALL fall into this trap because life is crazy and “stuff” happens!!  BUT…. probably THE biggest key to success in reaching your goals is to stay on track with forward progress activities!!  This chapter is about distractions WITHIN your business time. Here is your homework for today:

1. Read Chapter 23 in your book.

2. Complete Chapter 23 in your workbook.

3. Watch today’s video: Gameplan Video 23.

4. Comment with at least two of the distractions Sarah lists that you tend to fall into or could see yourself falling into.  Include your plan to avoid getting sucked into these business-slowing distractions.


Day 22/Chapter 22: How to Pray Over Your Young Living Business

Welcome to one of my favorite chapters in Gameplan… also one that I need to do a much better job of following.  ALL of the key leaders that I know who are successful in Young Living have one very important thing in common… FAITH!!  I LOVE that soooo many YL leaders have very intentionally placed Christ at the center of their business and lead in the way He would want them to lead.  Your homework for today is pretty simple:

  1. Read Chapter 22 in your book.
  2. Complete Chapter 22 in your workbook.
  3. Watch this video, Gameplan Video 22.  (Today’s video is a full hour, but is a great one.  Remember that there will be recap “stuff” that you can skip through and if it comes down to it and you need to skip it in order to keep up, that is okay!)
  4. Today we actually are just going to transfer your assignment from the workbook to the comments here.  Write your prayers of thanks, for your leaders (or for leaders to be brought to your attention), and for your goals.

Have a terrific Tuesday everyone!  We should be connecting from Convention later today!!  See you then!

Day 21/Chapter 21: Finding and Raising Leaders

THIS IS IT!! We have begun week 5 of Gameplan Boot Camp!!  Woo Hoo!  I am excited for our Grand Finale Zoom call next Monday when there will be prizes for all who have completed all the chapters along with a Grand Prize for one lucky winner!!

You will notice that Sarah references a DVD about the business.  So far I have only been able to find it as part of the $75 set that I can buy on her site.  I am hoping that maybe they will be available at her booth at Convention.  I will keep working on getting these for us.  In the meantime, the Gameplan mini along with your own excitement can certainly do the trick 🙂  I have quite a few people jumping in for our next Gameplan training using just these two things along with the option for quality, organized training 🙂  Remember that confidence is a valuable resource that most of us need to continually work on!  Here’s your homework for today:

  1. Read Chapter 21 in your book.
  2. Complete Chapter 21 in your workbook.
  3. Watch this video, Gameplan Video 21.  (Today’s video is only 28 minutes!  Remember that there will be recap “stuff” that you can skip through and if it comes down to it and you need to skip it in order to keep up, that is okay!)
  4. Ask 2 friends that you could see yourself enjoying “doing business” with if you can “practice” the teacher training with them.  Schedule a time to do this and comment with those scheduled times.  Read through the teacher training a few times and comment with two things you especially like about it.

Have a wonderful Monday and I will be in touch from the road to Utah!!  (By the way… I very much considered postponing our end date and finishing next week because of my trip to Convention, then realized that MANY of you have caught up through travels of your own and I cannot promote NO EXCUSES if I use them myself.  Instead… we are going to make it the best week of Gameplan yet BECAUSE I will be at Convention and can keep you posted on all the excitement!  Watch for FB Lives from Salt Lake City!!!)  See you tonight on Zoom!!)


Day 20/Chapter 20: Balance, Boundaries, and Treating Your Business as a Business

Whether you are the person who takes on the world in way too many ways or the person who hasn’t really started because they aren’t sure how or when or if they should, this chapter is for you!  Although the line of balance is not exactly the same for every one of us, we all need to find the line that is best for us keeping in mind that our “why” is our driving force and we NEED to take action if we truly want to achieve our goals.  What does that look like?  Sarah will help you out today!!  Here is today’s homework:

  1. Read Chapter 20 in your book.
  2. Complete Chapter 20 in your workbook.
  3. Watch this video, Gameplan Video 20.  (Today’s video is only 35 minutes.  Remember that there will be recap “stuff” that you can skip through and if it comes down to it and you need to skip it in order to keep up, that is okay!)
  4. Comment on this post with your intentional Young Living time slots for an average week.  Many of you will be at Convention with me this next week so you will pretty much be “working” (in the most fun and amazing way!!) all week, but if that is the case then think through the following week.  Then, and this is even more important… think through your top 3-5 items for your YL “to do” list for Monday through Friday of next week (or the week after) and include those in your comment also.

Week four… finished!!  Can you believe there is only one week left of Gameplan?!  Bittersweet!  Here’s the deal… you NEED to be thinking of who you will have joining us for the next Gameplan Boot Camp.  Each one of you should be finding 1-2 people to participate.  I will write a separate post explaining this in more detail!  Have a wonderful weekend!!  See you Monday evening on Zoom as we travel to Utah!!  (Don’t worry… I can give away prizes on the road too, so be sure to catch up by Monday morning!!)

Day 19/Chapter 19: The Key to Reaching and Maintaining Rank

Spoiler Alert!!  Essential Rewards is the KEY to reaching and maintaining rank!!  Not to mention that it is the key to helping people truly change their lives and move toward a healthier lifestyle!  An oil here and there is not going to make a daily and long term change for them!  Here is the homework for today:

  1. Read Chapter 19 in your book.
  2. Complete Chapter 19 in your workbook.
  3. Watch this video, Gameplan Video 19.  (Today’s video is 43 minutes.  Remember that there will be recap “stuff” that you can skip through and if it comes down to it and you need to skip it in order to keep up, that is okay!)
  4. Comment on this post with an ER set that you could recommend for the 50 PV level, 100 PV level, and the 190 PV level.  Tell why you have included each item.  Try to include items that you personally use so that you can tell them why you love them.

Have a day full of joy and positive thinking!!  (I know my kids are having a joyful day as it is their last day of school!!  🙂 )

Day 18/Chapter 18: A Young Living Strategy Guide on Where to Sign New Oilers

Here’s where you start thinking building your team and what that looks like.  Some of you already have teams and if you are like me, have a few regrets looking back regarding where you strategically placed some of your members.  Remember that you can’t change the past, you can only learn from it moving forward.  Others are just beginning and can follow Sarah’s strategy right from the start!  This is a huge benefit, but know that you will also have some regrets looking back because none of us are able to see into the future, so we do not always know who will opt into the business awesomeness of YL down the road.  It is super helpful to have this base strategy, though, and if you combine this with your own intuition about people, you will minimize your regrets and will maximize your growth and income!!  Here’s the homework for today:

  1. Read Chapter 18 in your book.
  2. Complete Chapter 18 in your workbook.
  3. Watch this video,  Gameplan Video 18 (This one is only 36 minutes, but remember… If you need to skip something in order to keep up, skip the video for now.)
  4. Comment with a summary of your strategy for placing team members as you grow.  Name at least two people that either are already on your team and you think will be a “leg leader” OR that you know could/would/should DO THIS because… they could REALLY benefit from the financial perks, you would LOVE to spend a ton more time with them, they have business experience and skills and would easily see the benefit of such an incredible investment, and/or they have a huge passion for living a less toxic lifestyle and would feel that EVERYONE NEEDS to know about this!!  Finally… tell how you plan to follow up next with these leaders/potential leaders.  Feel free to include me as a third person on a 3-way call (even if I am in Utah but you want to get moving on this) or in person when I get back (if you are in the area… if only I could head to Arizona again… and CT could be in person if we can wait until the first week of July 🙂

Here’s kind of a fun thought… our next Zoom will be while we are on the road headed to Utah for Convention!  It is going to be a super fun one because you will not just get me, but everyone traveling in the car with me!!  Have a spectacular Wednesday!

Day 17/Chapter 17: The Young Living Compensation Plan in Layman’s Terms

Sarah super simplifies the comp plan in this chapter.  I LOVE the many ways that Young Living compensates us, but admittedly it can get confusing.  Please know that just understanding the basics as you get started is totally great and you will learn the rest as you go (or you won’t, but seeing your check grow is good enough for you 😉 ).  There are some bonuses in the upper ranks that even I don’t fully grasp yet, but I do know that from the beginning the average income (per the income disclosure sheet) at least doubles each time you hit the next rank.  Please don’t hesitate to ask questions or request an individual “session” with me to go over the comp plan with you.  I know how tricky it can seem and am happy to help out in any way I can.  Here is the homework for today:

  1. Read Chapter 17 in your book.
  2. Complete Chapter 17 in your workbook.
  3. Watch this video,  Gameplan Video 17 (This one is 49 minutes, but you can skip through some of the recap stuff at the beginning.  Remember:  If you need to skip something in order to keep up, skip the video for now.)
  4. Go back to your goal from Chapter 1 and comment with your breakout of how you plan to reach that goal.  Use the format from page 65 in your workbook to post this in the comments.  Take a look either in your VO or on page 49 of your book to look at the rank qualification page to help you.  Also, post at least one question you have about the comp plan so that we all can learn together.  If you’ve been doing this awhile and don’t have one, make one up about something that you remember once being confusing for you.  There truly are no silly questions when it comes to the comp plan because it really can seem complicated and confusing.

Day 16/Chapter 16: Staying Legal: Comprehensive FDA Training

Alright.  Here’s the deal.  THIS really messed up some of us who have been in Young Living for quite awhile.  It seemed like it came out of nowhere (really the rules had already been in place, just not highly enforced) when the FDA got crazy strict and decided to HIGHLY enforce compliance.  Many people were sooooo used to doing it our old way that this brought them to a complete standstill.  They stopped teaching classes entirely for fear of saying one wrong thing.

I am here to tell you that you do NOT need to freak out about this!  It is simply a game of “change the verbiage” and it can actually be kind of fun (if you are weird like me 😉 )!  I actually LOVE how YL looked on the bright side as they always do and I heard Gary or Mary (can’t remember which one) say that this is actually a blessing.  As a whole we were leaning far too deep into negative thinking.  When we focus on disease and issues, we help people think of their lives in terms of disease and issues.  When we speak “wellness” we are promoting positive outlooks and goals of moving toward a healthier life.   Sarah will go into it in far more depth (as she must because the FDA keeps tabs on what we put out to our distributors), but primarily I now take the words “support” and “maintain” and use them to explain what parts of our health the products can help with.  One example was when asked how to explain my favorite capability of Copaiba…. “Copaiba does a phenomenal job at helping to maintain proper levels of inflammation within our bodies.”

  1. Read Chapter 16 in your book.
  2. Complete Chapter 16 in your workbook.
  3. Watch this video,  Gameplan Video 16 (This is a looooong video so remember:  If you need to skip something in order to keep up, skip the video for now.)
  4. Comment with 3 things you learned from this chapter.  Also, type some examples of how you might tell someone a few of the benefits of any starter kit oil of your choosing.  Try to do this without looking at Sarah’s script or the YL description on the Virtual Office, but know that they have descriptions for you… they are just often a little too general for my liking even within the compliant realm.  Finally, list some of the resources that you could direct them to so that they can gather more information than what you are able to tell them.

Week four my friends!!  We will learn lots of team building strategy in the next few days to include Compensation Plan, where to strategically place new team members, and reaching/maintaining rank.  Then we will finish the week with going a little more in depth with keeping balance, boundaries, and treating our business like a business… all things that most of us need regular reminders about… especially me!  Have a fabulous Monday full of positive thoughts and words, my friends!!  Love you guys!!!